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    Hydra AA, AF and AF Gold Discontinuation Notification

    Support for these Mercury Analyzers will be ending soon! 

    *NOTE: The Hydra IIAA, AF and AF Gold  are still supported 
    and are not affected by this notification.



    The following Mercury Analyzers have exceeded their serviceable life and the maintenance costs for the instruments may increase with time.

    • Hydra AA
    • Hydra AF
    • Hydra AF Gold 


    We encourage you to explore our current product offerings available to meet your analysis needs. Our Hydra II and QuickTrace® analyzers offer multiple benefits including:



    Hydra IIAA

    • Intuitive design minimizes bench space

    • Dynamic ranges of 5 ng/L to ≥ 1 mg/L

    • Upgradable to the Hydra IIC for direct combustion of samples for mercury determination

    • Modular design for ease of maintenance


    QuickTrace® M-7600

    • Intuitive Software; export data on the fly

    • Patented Gas Liquid Separator (GLS) 

    • Dynamic ranges of 0.5 ng/L to ≥ 500 µg/L

    • Teledyne CETAC automation 

     8000 with 560 and Enclosure_fnl.jpg

    QuickTrace® M-8000

    • Non-foaming Gas Liquid Separator (GLS) with overflow prevention system
    • Automatic end of run and inactivity standby routines
    • ≤ 0.05 ng/L instrument detection limits
    • Advanced contamination control, over range and smart rinse features
    • Intuitive gas controls eliminating air infusion into the system during sample probe movements during mode 2 and 3 analysis
    • EPA 1631 and EPA 245.7 compliant (gold amalgamation modes)
    • “Smart Rack” technology
    • 12-roller 4-channel peristalic pump
    • Sample volume 0.5 mL to > 50 mL
    • Unlimited QC sample positions
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    Hydra IIC

    • Maintenance of the catalyst and gold trap in minutes

    • Pressure monitoring, indicates a problem with the catalyst or sample boat injector

    • Standard usable range 0.001 ng – 1500 ng

    • Configurable to a high mass analyzer in minutes, < 25,000 ng

    • ≤ 0.001 ng instrument detection limit

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