Profile ICP-OES Discontinuation Notification

    Support for the Profile ICP-OESwill be ending soon! 



    Beginning January 1, 2019 support for the Profile ICP-OES will be on a best effort only basis through the end of 2019.  After that, we will no longer be able to provide on-site service, technical assistance or replacement parts for the Profile ICP-OES.   


    The Profile model ICP is approaching the end of its serviceable life and the maintenance costs may increase with time. We encourage you to explore our current product offerings to meet your analysis needs. The Prodigy7 and ProdigyPlus ICP’s offer multiple benefits including:


    Download our ICP Comparison Guide.



    Prodigy7 ICP-OES

    • Large format, advanced CMOS Array Detector for true simultaneous measurement.

    • Full wavelength coverage from 165 nm - 1100 nm

    • Full Spectral Access (FSA) captures the entire wavelength spectrum in a single reading.

    • Available in Axial, Radial, and Dual-View configurations.

    • Twist-n-Lock, Auto-Aligning Sample Introduction System.

    • Compact bench top design.


    ProdigyPlus ICP-OES

    • Large format, CMOS based, Advanced Solid State Array Detector.

    • Full Frame Imaging captures entire ICP Spectrum at once.

    • Full wavelength coverage; 165 - 1100 nm (134 - 1100 nm with Halogen)

    • 800 mm, Low Stray Light Optics.

    • Axial, Radial and Dual View.

    • Application Specific Sample Introduction Systems.

    • Twist-n-Lock Sample Introduction.

    • Built-in Scheduled Maintenance Monitor.

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