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Used Coffee Grounds Can Save Polluted Water

Posted by Betsey Seibel on Sep 13, 2018 3:05:41 PM

For many cappuccino and latte lovers, the ideal coffee coupling consists of a warm microfoam meticulously mingled with a favorite coffee.  And, a seemingly magical dose of microfoam is at the crux of latte art for coffee aficionados. But, can foam and coffee work together to remedy water pollution problems? A new study reveals how coffee and foam can function in concert to divorce destructive chemicals, such as mercury, from polluted water.

The study, published in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, explained how researchers from the American Chemical Society used spent coffee grounds and bioelastomeric foam to remediate water. The foam, infused with expended coffee grounds, performed as a filter.  Water is deemed remediated when pollutants are eliminated so it is safely consumable for people to drink.

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Getting to Know Leeman Labs CVAFS and Direct Analysis Combustion Mercury Analyzer

Posted by Betsey Seibel on Jan 18, 2016 11:30:00 AM

Teledyne Leeman Labs offers a family of fully automated mercury analyzers that address the analysis of solids, semi-solids and liquids. Our high performance instruments help lab technicians, chemists and lab managers to complete the myriad of task required in today’s modern laboratories.


We recently released a Practical Guide for Selecting the Best Technique for Mercury Measurement where we describe in detail each of our mercury analyzers and how they work. In a previous post, we covered our two CVAAS systems. Below is a summary of the information included in the guide about Leeman Lab’s Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Direct Analysis Combustion systems. The complete guide can be downloaded at

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