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Landfill Leachate: a Source of Mercury Contamination in Groundwater

Posted by Sara Kennedy on Feb 15, 2024 3:41:51 PM

What is a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill?

Have you ever wondered what happens to a bag of garbage once it has been collected on trash day? If it is collected from a household or commercial site, it will likely end up at the Municipal Solid Waste Landfill (MSWLF). These are highly engineered facilities that are

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2023 Mercury Inventory Report Published by the EPA

Posted by Sara Kennedy on Feb 2, 2024 2:44:44 PM

Mercury is a persistent, global, and toxic element. It does not degrade, but it changes forms as it cycles through the environment. When mercury is emitted, it can be transported over long distances and re-deposited.

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Bright ideas to Reduce Mercury in the Energy Stream

Posted by Sara Kennedy on Jan 8, 2024 3:50:31 PM

Coal generates a lot of unwanted pollution when mined and burned for fuel, yet it is a major source of energy for everything from generating electricity to making steel. Coal is a reliable source of energy and heat, but also a reliable pollution generator, even under current regulations.

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Mercury Stability in Hydrochloric Acid vs. Nitric Acid

Posted by Sara Kennedy on Jan 5, 2024 1:51:10 PM

Teledyne Leeman Labs has been in the mercury (Hg) analysis business for more than 30 years. We have had a variety of product lines reach new markets and address tighter regulations. In that time, one thing has remained constant across all our instruments: the need for accurate mercury standards to form the building blocks of the calibration curve. Analytical results are only as reliable as the calibration curve to which they are compared, and creating stable mercury standards comes with unique challenges.

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New USEPA Rule Proposal Directed at Wastewater Produced at Coal Fired Utilities

Posted by Jeff Forsberg on Sep 1, 2023 8:30:42 AM

President Biden’s Executive Order 13990 directed the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency to undergo a policy and regulation review of changes to the Clean Air Act set forth during President Trump’s administration. The order instructed the EPA to suggest revisions and/or cancellation of regulations and policies that at first glance do not seem to be in the best interest of public health.

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Low-Level Total Mercury Determination: From Collection to Determination - Part 3: Determination

Posted by Sara Kennedy on Aug 29, 2023 3:59:15 PM

Teledyne Leeman Labs offers multiple mercury (Hg) analyzers which can determine total mercury concentrations in samples at the ultra-trace level. The final installment of this three-part blog series will be an introduction to the QuickTrace line of mercury analyzers: the QuickTrace M-7600 and the QuickTrace M-8000.

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