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    Meet the Teledyne Leeman Team - Jeff Forsberg

    Posted by Betsey Seibel on Dec 19, 2016 1:37:23 PM

    Jeff Forsberg.jpgWe are introducing members of the Teledyne team through Q&A sessions in our blog. The posts will provide an opportunity to put a face to a name, as well as background details about our internal subject matter experts, and their perspective on lab technology and industry issues.


    Spotlight: Jeff Forsberg, Hg Product Line Manager, Teledyne Leeman Labs

    What is your background? (Past work/industry experience)?

    During my university years, I managed an aggregate mine assaying the mined material to create asphalt or road bed blend designs to meet specifications for federal, state or local road projects. After I graduated from college, I was a research chemist at the University of North Dakota’s Energy and Environmental Research Center (UND EERC). I worked on many projects such as clean coal technologies, biofuels and environmental management. I was hired by CETAC Technologies, now Teledyne, in 1998 as a customer support/applications chemist and managed most of the mercury systems installs and QC testing. I worked closely with the continuous improvement and development engineers on new projects in the product group. I was promoted to product line manager for the mercury product line in 2007.


    What do you do for Teledyne Leeman?

    I am the product line manager for our mercury products, which by default is a marketing position; and entails managing the product life cycle of the line from cradle to grave. I work closely with sales and market communications to ensure that we have the right tools to promote sales of the product group. I also interact with customers to ensure our products meet their requirements. We are constantly working to maintain the industry’s leading products, so I work with general managers and sales managers to develop the product roadmap and monitor the competitors to ensure that we keep our competitive edge.


    What are 2-3 key things that the industry should know about Teledyne Leeman and its technology?

    First, we develop mercury systems that meet the analytical needs for determining total mercury in most matrices and applications used for the determination of mercury. We have a well-developed global service network of professionals to assist our customers with virtually any application or service support question. Teledyne stands behind our products with a no hassle quality guarantee and we have a quarter century of experience developing and manufacturing mercury analyzer.


    What makes Teledyne’s Hg instruments stand out in the industry?

    I would say there are three things:

    • Systems performance,
    • Dynamic ranges unmatched by the competitors, and
    • A Service Group truly dedicated to our customers.


    What do you see as the biggest challenge facing your customers?

    As we work with our customers, we recognize their need to stay competitive and keep costs under control. Time is critical, so they need instruments that deliver timely sample analysis. In the case of environmental laboratories, they need reliable systems that can analyze samples 24/7.


    What’s next in terms of innovation for Hg analyzers?

    Most, if not all, potential applications are covered by one of the manufacturers.  The next generation of system will be smaller and potentially use nanotechnology for mercury determination. This field is just now being researched as applicable to elemental analysis in-situ and or for static samples.

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