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    Meet the Teledyne Leeman Team - Manny Almeida

    Posted by Betsey Seibel on Jan 16, 2017 1:38:01 PM

    Almeida,_Manny.jpgLast month we introduced Jeff Forsberg, Mercury Product Line Manager for Teledyne Leeman Labs so this month we will spotlight Manny Almeida.

    The post is meant to provide an opportunity to put a face to a name, as well as background details about our internal subject matter experts, and their perspective on lab technology and industry issues. In this post, we spotlight Manny Almeida, ICP/DCA Product Line Manager for Teledyne Leeman Labs


    What is your background? (Past work/industry experience)

    I have been working in the instrument industry for 33 years.  Prior to joining Leeman Lab, I worked with Thermo, Baird and Jobin Yvon. I have been part of the Teledyne family for more than 21 years.


    What do you do for Teledyne Leeman?

    I am the ICP/DC Arc product line Manager, and like my other product line management colleagues at Teledyne, my focus is on developing the most complete and successful product line as possible. This requires a lot of engagement with customers to best understand how our products are working in their environments and how we can improve, and then working with our internal product and marketing teams to continually improve product performance.


    What have been Teledyne Leeman’s keys to industry success the past several years?

    Leeman Labs continues to establish industry standards for ICP/DC Arc products. In the past several years, we have introduced systems with innovative detector technology, reduced the size of our systems to conserve bench space, and made our systems faster while lowering gas consumption to reduce cost of analysis. Today, our DC Arc instrument is the only commercial system available on the market.


    What makes Teledyne’s ICP/DC instruments stand out in the industry?

    In addition to the fact that our DC Arc is the only commercial-grade system on the market, we are very proud that our instruments are manufactured in the United States. We are also known for our customer service and post sales support. We work hard to make sure our customers are happy with their relationship with Leeman Labs and with the day-to-day use of our technology.


    What do you see as the biggest challenge facing your customers?

    We work closely with hundreds of companies and labs. It’s important for our company to understand their challenges so that we can be a resource to them. In our interaction, we recognize that labs are trying to do more with a smaller number of personnel, which means their instruments need to make their jobs easier. Labs are trying to reduce costs of analysis as much as possible so what instruments they choose to use for their analysis is important in the overall efficiency of their operations.


    What’s next in terms of innovation for ICP/DC instruments?

    Labs around the world trust our products, and they count on our technology on a daily basis. To keep that confidence high, we need to continue to innovate. For us and for our customers, this means increased automation to simplify training and method development, and a continual reduction in the cost of ownership and analysis. 

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