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    Who are the employees of Teledyne Tekmar/ Teledyne Leeman Labs - Aaron Keller

    Posted by Teledyne Leeman Labs on Aug 10, 2022 8:20:21 AM

    Aaron Keller Employee Blog Social Media ImageWith today’s blog, let’s get to know the employees of Teledyne Tekmar/Leeman Labs. The next person I would like to introduce you to is Aaron Keller.

    Aaron is the Leeman Labs Quality Control Chemist for the Mercury product line. He will be approaching his first full year of working Teledyne here soon.

    Let's learn more about Aaron.

    • How did you start working at Teledyne Tekmar/Leeman Labs?
      I started here shortly after graduating from college. One of my professors reached out to me mentioning the position was brought to his attention and recommended me as I had a high interest in instrument analysis. I was also somewhat familiar with the process involved as my senior research was related to the particular instrumentation type being mercury analysis.

    • What were you up to before joining Teledyne?
      Before working for Teledyne, I was working two jobs, one as a contractor QC chemist for a year where I was testing the quality of partially complete perfumes. The other position is teaching swim lessons for the YMCA which I still continue to do in my off time. I was doing this all while completing my last year of college and working out my senior research project.

    • What has been the best thing about joining Teledyne Tekmar/Leeman Labs?
      I have really come to enjoy the team atmosphere, especially after finishing up previous position feeling isolated in a lab and the isolated time from COVID. The team has helped me build lots of great skills and knowledge and was very welcoming from the start. I look forward to giving back to the team as I grow and continue to enjoy putting my passion to work in my field of study.

    • Outside of work, what is it that you like to do?- I have a wide variety of things I enjoy doing and continually attempt to add to this list and learn more about myself in the process. Notably, over COVID I started playing dungeons and dragons which as helped me connect with family members I rarely see due to distance. I also love swimming and teaching swim lessons, going out on hikes and playing frisbee golf. I am trying to force myself to practice reading, drawing, and cooking again but more often find audiobooks a nice little cheat method.

    • Any pets at home? - Yes, while I have had a variety of pets, from hermit crabs, hamsters, leopard geckos, and frogs the only constant pet has been least one dog. Currently, we have a beagle basset mix named Rascal who is the most laid back and cuddle butt of a dog who runs and guzzles food like a Tonka Truck. His sister peanut however is a “LBD” Little brown dog (likely a terrier mix), who ironically is taller than him. She is the perfect opposite of him, she is 2 feet tall with a 5 foot standing vertical leap, and the unending energy of a 5 year old who just chugged a monster energy but eats only when she truly feels like it. The two of them are hectic and chaotic but so easy to love and always make for great laughs.


    • What is one part of the job that you enjoy? – Similar to instrument analysis class, I really enjoy the hands on experience of Quality Control. Opening up the instrumentation and really getting to know the inner workings and constantly growing my understanding of the process involved. There always seems to be more to learn and it will help me continue growing at Teledyne.

    • Where do you see yourself going in Teledyne? – I am trying to stay open currently as to what opportunities may arise and feel out what parts of the current job spark the most passion for me. However, I would love to be able to assist more with any position that mixes the chemistry and instrumentation and doing demonstrations or helping educate others on process and inner workings. I enjoy working hands on and have a passion for teaching and learning.

    • What is your Favorite Holiday? – I enjoy both Halloween and Christmas and I struggle to really choose a true favorite. I enjoy decorating and the dressing up around Halloween. I become very competitive in events like ‘trunk or treat’ and have to plan out DIY set ups way in advance. However, Christmas always holds much stronger ties and memories from being with family and many more traditions such as family made eggnog, seeing the lights together, decorating the tree and just any amount of shared time together.

    • Crazy story that you always talk about? – I have lots of fun stories to share but one of my favorites to share is being chased by a bear on a mountain. A very long story short, I was chased by a bear when backpacking in Cumberland Gap and near the beginning of the chase it began to storm. It felt nearly like a horror movie at the time it was happening, and was a very terrifying experience but now is simply a fun story to tell.

    In this series, I hope that every reader will be able to learn a little more about the employees they interact with here at Teledyne Tekmar/Leeman Labs. If you call for parts, support or sales we all have a story and we would like to share that story with you.


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